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Soil Testing & Testing Report in local languages

Knowing the Soil is where it all starts – the nutrient content and chemical composition of the soil defines how fertile the soil is and what level of plant life it can support and sustain on a consistent basis.

We help our farmers get the soil test done at testing labs. Soil composition data points provide foundations for selecting the right kind of Agri Input (seed/fertilizer) and to generate advanced analytics e.g. yield predictions and Personalized Advisory.

Steps involved in Soil Testing


Periodically we keep explaining the benefits of soil testing to farmers. Farmers request for soil Sample collection through our KhedutPay Misscall Service number which will be further sent to our lab for quality test.


We provide the soil testing report in local languages with hard copy to farmers through which they will get the further information.


On the basis of soil testing report, we recommend appropriate input with personalized advisory.

our soil lab


  • Bibipur
  • Patna
  • Motipur
  • Bajitpur
  • Bettiah


  • Bulandshahr
  • Ghazipur


Soil Testing Report

Farmer Profile

Name, Address, Land Details, Current crop details, etc.

Soil Profile

All the soil sample results will be mentioned in it like PH value, O.C (Organic carbon), NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium), E.C (electrical conductivity), S (sulphur), Zn (Zink), Fe (ferrous), Mn (Manganese), Cu (Copper), B (Boron), Mg (Magnesium), AI (Aluminum), Ca (Calcium), Mo (Molybdenum).


We will then suggest the best crop which will suit the soil and guide them with personalized advisory. The farmers will start receiving advisory on call and direct to the farm.

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