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KhedutPay® is the one-of-a-kind platform that fulfils the niche requirement of farmers and makes farming much easier in unfavourable market conditions. The fundamental problem of the farmers is the rising price of the inputs. It is due to the lack of bargaining power and insufficient exposure to the multiple choices in the market. Moreover, a significant number of farmers live in the countryside. On the one hand, access to input supplies is much more difficult for farmers. Which ultimately resulting in higher input costs. On the other hand, for the agro-input industry, it is challenging to reach the ground despite having great products. In these various blurry conditions, KhdutPay comes as a ray of hope for the farmer. They provide multiple choices with the promise to the zeroth mile delivery, more to it service is fortified with high-end technical advice in rural informal agronomy environment. KhedutPay can also help the Agri-input industry reach the market very easily by providing a readily built supply chain with a marketing and feedback system.

Besides supply chain solutions KhedutPay is providing services of

  1. 1) Agro advisory to the farmers about the various products and methods of use.
  2. 2) By developing new farmer-centric products.
  3. 3) Soil testing and other climate resilience solutions.
  4. 4) Market reach service to the new age and Agri-tech companies.

As Indian Seed, Fertilizer, and Plant protection chemical market is growing with almost 10% CAGR due to shifting from traditional farming to modern farming and the government's various initiatives. This gives an excellent opportunity for any startup like KhedutPay to establish its position and become the market leader in it.


To become a leader in Indian Agriculture market by tapping the various Product-Market-Supply Chain gaps of it.

Goal: What Does KhedutPay Want To Be?

KhedutPay wants to be Indian-Amazon.Inc for the Indian farmers and Indian agroindustry.

The estimated size of the Indian agriculture market is INR 55,994 Billion. At KhedutPay, we are committed to being the major player by tapping the significant demand by the end of 2030. To target and serve the 10 million farmers by 2030 and to make a countrywide present.

What is KhedutPay doing?

Making agriculture more viable by providing

  • 1. Providing More choices to the farmers and capturing those informal market
  • 2. Capturing localized market with self-developed Glocalised products
  • 3. Zeroth mile supply-chain service to the farmers
  • 4. Capturing the agro-advisory market and turn it into the customer base
  • 5. Providing Marketing and supply-chain to the agro-input industries


To Provide various last mile solutions to Farmers through Integrated IT, KishaanoPreneur Network and dedicated supply chain solutions and various Glocalised products

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