Farm, Farmers, and Produce – centered on these three crucial factors lies the inception of KhedutPay. The aim is to simplify and bring ease into the lives of farmers by offering a platform sans involving them in the complexities of technology and digitalisation.

How does KhedutPay work?

How does KhedutPay work?

‘Assured’ Benefits to the Farmers

‘Assured ‘ Benefits to the Farmers

Less Time Consumption

Shopping from KhedutPay is less time consuming.


KhedutPay offers the freedom to choose varied products and is economical too.

Diverse Options

Farmers get a variety of options for their purchase.


An extremely transparent system ensures zero worries about being cheated.

24*7 Delivery

Products bought will reach at your doorstep within 24 hours.


The farmer’s expenses on transportation decreases as the products get delivered at home.

Advantages to the

  • New customers With KhedutPay, distributors get an opportunity to connect with new customers.

  • Increase in Sales With products reaching a large no. of villages leads to an increase in sales.

  • Digital recognition Increase in the product reach and marketing augments the digital presence of the distributor.

  • Lead generation The manufacturers get direct order leads through Khedut Pay.

  • Marketing-Advertising KhedutPay provides digital as well as physical advertising.


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